You know intuitively that inhaling smoke isn’t great for your lungs, right?

It’s why you cough after a good hit. Your body is not loving the soot and other by-products produced by combustion, including harmful free radicals and carcinogens. These toxic by-products are why inhaling smoke (regardless of what’s being burnt) is the leading cause of lung cancer and other respiratory diseases.

Smoking tobacco is a well-known health risk, but logically, you want to limit your cannabis smoking too, if you care about your long-term health.

The good news: We have the technology to vaporize cannabis. A vaporizer heats the substance (flower, wax shatter, etc.) to the point of dehydration. A good vaporizer — the ClubM Shop has the VapeXhale (three models), and the portable Pax 3 — will enable you to heat your cannabis to the exact temperature where active cannabinoids are released, without igniting the substance.

This means you can medicate without sucking soot into your lungs. And after all, this is about wellness, right?

The sweet spot for vaporizing cannabis is 338 degrees, quite a bit cooler than the point at which the plant material will begin to combust, which is 392 degrees. By comparison, a joint can burn at up to 2,012 degrees. At that temperature, many of the trichomes and compounds in cannabis can be destroyed, which has an effect on the nature of your high.

How the vape high is different from the smoke high

When you inhale vapor, you’re not just getting less harmful garbage in your lungs, you’re actually getting more cannabinoids. The result is a high that many people describe as more clean and clear, more in the head than the body. So if you want to medicate and get up and do things, rather than be locked to the couch, you might want to try a good vaporizer.

Another thing: Your cannabis also goes further when you vaporize it, which makes a good vaporizer an economical choice.

Ready for a high-quality vaporizer? Your lungs, your head and your pocketbook will thank you. And your timing couldn’t be better, because ClubM has entered an exclusive partnership with VapeXhale. They make some of the world’s leading vaporizers, including the epic Evo™ — which is now available to ClubM members at a special price.

For portability, you can’t beat the technologically advanced Pax 3, also available now in the ClubM store.

Have one already? Let us know in the comments how your vaporizer is working for you.

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