First, congrats to you and every ClubM member! The small online community you joined earlier this year is growing day-by-day into a real world community focused on improving access to top-quality cannabis in California.


ClubM is already making an impact across the state. Thank you for inviting your friends to join the club and for helping this movement go viral. This was our intention from the beginning — to join with (and provide value to) the unstoppable wave of people who are integrating cannabis into their daily lives, and to help bring about positive ripples of change in a society that needs more love and less hate.

We set a few guiding principles before we launched, and these have not changed. Among our core beliefs:

Cannabis Can Enhance Your Life

People fighting epilepsy, cancer, PTSD, inflammation and many other diseases are using medical marijuana.  This has been legal in California since Proposition 215 passed in 1996. Artists also use cannabis as an aid to creativity, and ClubM celebrates artistry in all its forms.

The War on Drugs is a Sad Joke

And it hasn’t been funny for a really long time. There’s no shame in using cannabis as a plant-based medicine. Scientific studies continue to prove that cannabis is a safe and effective medicine for a variety of conditions. For too long, cannabis has been vilified as a dangerous substance that would lead to all sorts of problems. We want to focus on the fact that cannabis actually solves problems and it must be more readily available to responsible adults.

Cannabis is Coming Out of the Shadows.

We live in a society that has a lot of cultural oppression. The good news is that when people organize and mobilize, they can bring about positive change. We’ve seen it with the civil rights movement and in the LGBTQ community. Biases and prejudices still exist, of course. But changing hearts and minds (and now in many cases, changing laws) is the beginning of greater societal acceptance.

How can YOU be part of the Change

Californians will vote in November on Proposition 64, the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, a ballot initiative on legalizing marijuana for recreational use. This could be a HUGE step forward in our society! But even though popular sentiment is shifting, we have to remember… this is not a done deal. There are well financed, well organized forces fighting against Prop 64. The opponents of this proposition want to continue to restrict the freedom of every adult Californian to enjoy the benefits of cannabis.

ClubM supports Prop 64. We believe it’s critically important to the growth of the cannabis movement that we all get informed and start spreading the word about how safe and effective cannabis is and about Prop 64 right now!

You can help.

  • Keep doing what you’re doing. Have conversations with your friends about the positives of cannabis, whether its for health or recreation. It takes courage to live your life out loud. The more we come out of the shadows and share the benefits of this amazing plant, the more the movement toward acceptance will grow.
  • Forward this message to your friends. Include a note at the top about why you joined ClubM. Was it access to $200 of cannabis delivered to your door for just $97 per month?
  • Subscribe to the ClubM for updates about the cannabis movement in California, as well as product news, reviews and more.  We’ll keep you up-to-date as to the current status of the bill and any more opposition against Prop 64.
  • Subscribe to the MBox and/or buy other fantastic products found here. You’ll enjoy the best quality cannabis products in California while you supporting the community in advancing the cannabis movement.

This is a movement dedicated to bringing more good health, creativity and love into the world. We believe that all begins with perfect moments.

Spread the word!

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