You may have noticed that our innovative friends at True Humboldt have started packaging their premium sun-grown cannabis flower in pull-top cans.

Cannabis in a can?

Yes, it’s a concept who’s time has come, and for the same reasons that coffee companies and tuna fishermen have packaged their products in tin cans for decades: When you use nitrogen to seal the can, you protect the product from oxygen and humidity, as well as light. This means the terpenes will not degrade and your cannabis flower will stay as fresh as the day it was harvested, literally for years. Tin cans are also easy to recycle, thus more friendly to the environment than plastic bags.

Each True Humboldt nitro-sealed can contains 3.5 grams of one of their exceptional strains of cannabis. The can itself is small and discreet, about the size of a chewing tobacco tin and easy to carry in your pocket — with a much more pleasing aroma once you open it. And it has a resealable lid, so you can lock the goodness back in after you crack it open.

Isn’t is it high time we all ditch the baggies? The ClubM store has True Humbold’ts nitro-canned Skywalker Indica Dominat in stock, as well as their Blue Dream Sativa.  Order  yours now — because you can!

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