How to make a moonrock:

  • Take a high-THC strain, like Chernobyl, or Sweet Garden OG.
  • Dip your primo bud in a super-concentrated wax, like Fire OG or Mr. moonrock-closeup-2Nice.
  • Then carefully apply a layer of pure kief, like Sweet Island Skunk or Death Star OG.

The result is a fuzzy nug that’s loaded with high-quality THC (estimates are greater than 50% THC) and pretty much guaranteed to put you into another orbit.

Like rocks from the actual moon, these are rare and precious, and deserve to be handled with care. So the real question is, how do you smoke moonrocks? Pretty much how you would handle any high-quality bud.

Some basic principles:

Do not use a grinder. That would be a waste of the wax or hash oil and you’ll clog up the grinder. Use a sharp knife instead to chop up your moonrock into manageable chunks.

Do use a lighter. You’re going to want a sustained, consistent flame.moonrocks-photo2

Use some glass hardware. A bubbler is preferred.

Handle your moonrocks with care. We’re talking about using a metal tool, as you’re firing up the bowl, and you may need to move he rock around.

The good news: Everything you need is in the MBox Volume XIII Explore. Seriously, inside the latest MBox you’ve got a ready-made moonrock rig — and some otherworldly moonrocks from Dapper Labs.

All you need now is a space suit!

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      • MsMisty
        MsMisty says:

        It clearly states thee best way to smoke the glorious beautiful moon rock sir and it states why lol 🙂 why roll it when its meant to be truly enjoyed through a nice ice cold bong hit. Just a friendly fellow stoner with time on her hands. Lol Smoke weed every day 🙂 smoke on. Cheers.

    • Jeanie Magic (docs received)
      Jeanie Magic (docs received) says:

      Yes Kyle! Absolutely. You can also break them up and sprinkly in a J for an extra added boost. 😉

  1. Edison Daily
    Edison Daily says:

    Whoa buddy, moonrocks are the jam. Read this post before toking up some that we just got and damnnn! Thanks for the tips. It’s crazy how science is progressing herbs these days. What will come next?? Thanks again.


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