Dabbing shatter

You might think dabbing is complicated (or even scary) because it involves a blowtorch. Actually, it’s pretty simple. And it’s actually a healthier alternative to smoking plant material, because dabbing produces a vapor, not smoke.

To take a dab, you use a “dab rig,” basically a small bong that has a titanium / quartz / ceramic nail.  There are two steps:

  • Heat the nail with a blowtorch until it turns red, then wait approximately 30 seconds for the nail to cool to 650 degrees Fahrenheit (at which point it will no longer be glowing red).
  • Using a dab tool, apply wax to the nail while inhaling through the dab rig.

In some cases a dome is put over the top to collect smoke, while in other cases the nail is “domeless” and a carb cap is put over the nail to aid vapor production.

The torch method has drawn criticism by some users who find the inhalation of residual butane or propane potentially harmful to their health. One reason to switch to dabbing from smoking is from a harm-reduction standpoint: smoking is irritating to the lungs and can cause respiratory problems. But dabbing does not involve smoke.

The e-nail is an alternative to using a torch

The downsides to using a torch for dabbing can be easily fixed by purchasing an electronic nail, or e-nail. These nails are specially built so that a coil can be placed around the nail, which, after being connected to a power box, acts as a heating element and keeps the nail at a constant, adjustable temperature. When using an e-nail, the user is not exposed to any butane or propane that was left on the nail after heating. Also, there is no guessing game as to exactly when the dab should be taken. It can be taken at any time, because the temperature is always set to the correct temp.

Different types of concentrated marijuana, or wax, include shatter, crumble, budder, and oil. Each different form of THC concentrate has different physical properties, caused by the differing methods used to make them. Usually a solvent is used to extract THC from cannabis – butane or CO2 are solvents most commonly used. Dabbers who are worried about the health effects of inhaling solvent residue need not worry, as there are solventless extraction methods as well, including ice water extraction and heat extraction. The only downside to the solventless extraction methods is that they tend to result in a finished product with lower potency than other THC concentrate methods.

Club M currently offers several high-quality concentrates of different types:

  • If you’re interested in an award-winning low-THC, high-CBD strain, you will enjoy the Blueberry OG shatter.
  • If you’re concerned about inhaling concentrate made with solvents, this solventless hash will put you at ease.
  • If you’re frustrated with the amount you need to smoke to achieve the desired effect, this potent Gorilla Glue shatter will knock your socks off.
  • And if you’re looking for a cut-rate deal on some reliable shatter that slightly varies in consistency from batch to batch, this shatter by Deviant Dabs will do just the trick.

Photo by Andres Rodriguez, Creative Commons

Every April, cannabis enthusiasts look forward to 4/20 as a unique day of celebration. This year is no different, except that the anticipation might be greater than ever, as the California cannabis community inches closer to the implementation of legalized recreational use, thanks to the passage of Prop. 64.

Here’s what makes this year’s 4/20 even more fun: Cannabis companies continue to roll out new products in advance of legalized use, giving us more choice from a wider and deeper variety of cannabis products.

We are approaching a new age of cannabis in California, and as always, ClubM has been doing your homework for you, checking out what’s good, and stocking the ClubM Shop with the best of the best.  

If you’re a top-shelf smoker (or you know one) your tastes have likely evolved. Ready for something new and different? Consider celebrating 4/20 with something special — perhaps one of our tinctures from Cordial Organic or Golden Goddess. Both have super-tasty formulations that enable you to titrate for a mellow springtime buzz.    

We also have cannabis-infused topical formulations in stock, including wellness products from Lord Jones, sensual enhancement oil from Foria, and medicated body butter from Sweet Releaf.

And of course, if you prefer to stick to tried-and-true tradition, we always have an amazing selection of super-premium California flower, from growers and providers including:

  • Dirt Ninja
  • True Humboldt
  • Lola Lola
  • EFF
  • Gold Seal and others.

4/20 is right around the corner — we’re here to make sure it’s special!

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We’re intrinsically motivated around here, but it’s still great to see the world sit up and take notice, right?

This happened on Feb. 26 when the MBox from ClubM was awarded first place for Best Packaging in the Best of Edibles List Awards 2016, presented by Edibles Magazine.

Our focus has always been on delivering an exclusive, luxury cannabis experience to our members, and it’s great to receive validation from important industry sources like Edibles Magazine.

We look forward to earning more recognition in the future as more people hear about ClubM and he amazing MBox!

Sometimes you’re just ahead of the curve. If you joined ClubM in 2016, that was definitely the case. But the secret is out now. In the last few months, major media outlets, as well as the cannabis industry trade press have discovered ClubM and the MBox.

You may have seen some of these stories:

Los Angeles Times looks at the M1K Box

Forbes mentions the M2K Box

OC Weekly names MBox ‘Toke of the Week”

Dope Magazine reviews the MBox

Merry Jane’s Fresh Out of the Box video series opens the MBox

You get the idea — there’s been all that and much more, in print, on the web and over the airwaves.

While millions of people have heard about the MBox now, it’s really a luxury product, only for the discriminating few. That’s how we designed it, and that’s how it will stay. So thank you to our earliest members, who helped make 2016 such a crazy and spectacular ride!

How To Eat Your Daily Cannabis

As one of the most widely popular delivery methods for medical cannabis, edibles deserve a conversation of their own. They are perfectly discreet, effective for relieving so many common symptoms, and of course, absolutely delicious.

Most important to the ingestion of any edible is the dosage. For most people, a “dose” of cannabis comes out to around 10mg THC. Some people can feel great off of 5mg, just as others may need 20mg and up to feel the effect. Either way, the general rule for newbies is to read the labels, “start low, and go slow” with edibles until you feel more comfortable estimating the right bite for your needs.

As a patient, you may have had an edible before, but the sheer variety of what’s being offered today may still surprise you!


Most of the edibles you will find on dispensary shelves will be of the snack food variety. In addition to the traditional “special” cookies and brownies, there are gourmet chocolate bars, potato chips, gum and breath mints, and savories like crackers and pretzels. Diet-conscious patients can also find vegan energy bars infused with a sativa-dominant strain. They’re easy to enjoy anywhere, and the effects of an edible can often be much stronger and longer-lasting than flower.



Name any beverage, and there’s bound to be a medicated version out on the market (or in development). From lemonades, sodas and iced teas to coffee and hot chocolate powders, it’s amazing what is being done in the medicated beverage space. There are even several brands creating discreet medicated water bottles – both THC and CBD varieties. Probiotic-rich kombucha teas are now being infused with cannabis, providing supreme nutritional benefit.

Special Additions

The beautiful thing about today’s edibles is that now, you can add many of them to your existing meals! Salad dressings, condiments and cooking sauces can easily be infused with THC. There are also flavored syrups that can be added to a beverage of your choice, changing the flavor while providing a sweet dose of medication at the same time.


Create Your Own

Many patients take matters into their own hands by creating novel infusions right in their kitchen at home. Just remember to “decarboxylate” flower at a temperature of 230℉ in order to activate the THC within. Then, the cannabinoids become fat- and alcohol-soluble. Create a tincture or tonic using alcohol, or infuse olive oil, coconut oil, or butter for endless edible-making possibilities. Many brands are also getting into selling THC or CBD isolate powders, which can be dissolved in anything. Try them out and judge their efficacy for yourself.

Joining Club M is one of the absolute best ways to stay abreast of all the amazing medical cannabis edibles that California has to offer. Many of our monthly subscription box sets contain a fine edible product for your enjoyment, like a special edition Bhang chocolate bar or THC-infused cooking kit from The Herbal Chef. Of course, not everything you eat can be medicated, so we always try to include a tasty non-medicated snack for you to enjoy your munchies.

Crave infused Dinner for two

A spice and sweet infused dinner for two created by Chris The Herbal Chef

Don’t be left out of the conversation when it comes to the finest quality cannabis products and accessories. Join Club M today and see what you’ve been missing in the world of edibles!  

First, congrats to you and every ClubM member! The small online community you joined earlier this year is growing day-by-day into a real world community focused on improving access to top-quality cannabis in California.


ClubM is already making an impact across the state. Thank you for inviting your friends to join the club and for helping this movement go viral. This was our intention from the beginning — to join with (and provide value to) the unstoppable wave of people who are integrating cannabis into their daily lives, and to help bring about positive ripples of change in a society that needs more love and less hate.

We set a few guiding principles before we launched, and these have not changed. Among our core beliefs:

Cannabis Can Enhance Your Life

People fighting epilepsy, cancer, PTSD, inflammation and many other diseases are using medical marijuana.  This has been legal in California since Proposition 215 passed in 1996. Artists also use cannabis as an aid to creativity, and ClubM celebrates artistry in all its forms.

The War on Drugs is a Sad Joke

And it hasn’t been funny for a really long time. There’s no shame in using cannabis as a plant-based medicine. Scientific studies continue to prove that cannabis is a safe and effective medicine for a variety of conditions. For too long, cannabis has been vilified as a dangerous substance that would lead to all sorts of problems. We want to focus on the fact that cannabis actually solves problems and it must be more readily available to responsible adults.

Cannabis is Coming Out of the Shadows.

We live in a society that has a lot of cultural oppression. The good news is that when people organize and mobilize, they can bring about positive change. We’ve seen it with the civil rights movement and in the LGBTQ community. Biases and prejudices still exist, of course. But changing hearts and minds (and now in many cases, changing laws) is the beginning of greater societal acceptance.

How can YOU be part of the Change

Californians will vote in November on Proposition 64, the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, a ballot initiative on legalizing marijuana for recreational use. This could be a HUGE step forward in our society! But even though popular sentiment is shifting, we have to remember… this is not a done deal. There are well financed, well organized forces fighting against Prop 64. The opponents of this proposition want to continue to restrict the freedom of every adult Californian to enjoy the benefits of cannabis.

ClubM supports Prop 64. We believe it’s critically important to the growth of the cannabis movement that we all get informed and start spreading the word about how safe and effective cannabis is and about Prop 64 right now!

You can help.

  • Keep doing what you’re doing. Have conversations with your friends about the positives of cannabis, whether its for health or recreation. It takes courage to live your life out loud. The more we come out of the shadows and share the benefits of this amazing plant, the more the movement toward acceptance will grow.
  • Forward this message to your friends. Include a note at the top about why you joined ClubM. Was it access to $200 of cannabis delivered to your door for just $97 per month?
  • Subscribe to the ClubM for updates about the cannabis movement in California, as well as product news, reviews and more.  We’ll keep you up-to-date as to the current status of the bill and any more opposition against Prop 64.
  • Subscribe to the MBox and/or buy other fantastic products found here. You’ll enjoy the best quality cannabis products in California while you supporting the community in advancing the cannabis movement.

This is a movement dedicated to bringing more good health, creativity and love into the world. We believe that all begins with perfect moments.

Spread the word!

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