Join us at Emerald Exchange III in Malibu!

Culturally, you could say that Northern and Southern California are worlds apart. The north is home to the high-tech capital of the world, and all of the innovation and wealth that comes with that. The sun-soaked south has Hollywood and the epicenter of beach culture, as well as aerospace and many other huge industries.

But at both ends of the state, there’s a serious appreciation for the world’s finest cannabis. That will be the focus of the third annual edition of the Emerald Exchange, March 18, 2017 at a private ranch nestled in the hills of Malibu — and ClubM will be there as a Diamond Sponsor.

This year’s Emerald Exchange is timed to coincide with the vernal equinox, and will include a Farmer’s Market from noon to 6 p.m., followed by a Dance Party until midnight. Guests will also have the opportunity to:

  • Meet the small-batch farmers who grow world-class Northern California cannabis.
  • Discover more than 20 California-based luxury cannabis brands.
  • Interact with a like-minded members of a state-wide community devoted to wellness.

A very special MBox will be available at the event. It will include premium items from Emerald Exchange III vendors — exclusive California sun-grown cannabis that you can’t get anywhere else. Please join us for California’s premier cannabis celebration!

Learn more and purchase tickets to Emerald Exchange III.


This just in: premium sun-grown cannabis — in a can!

You may have noticed that our innovative friends at True Humboldt have started packaging their premium sun-grown cannabis flower in pull-top cans.

Cannabis in a can?

Yes, it’s a concept who’s time has come, and for the same reasons that coffee companies and tuna fishermen have packaged their products in tin cans for decades: When you use nitrogen to seal the can, you protect the product from oxygen and humidity, as well as light. This means the terpenes will not degrade and your cannabis flower will stay as fresh as the day it was harvested, literally for years. Tin cans are also easy to recycle, thus more friendly to the environment than plastic bags.

Each True Humboldt nitro-sealed can contains 3.5 grams of one of their exceptional strains of cannabis. The can itself is small and discreet, about the size of a chewing tobacco tin and easy to carry in your pocket — with a much more pleasing aroma once you open it. And it has a resealable lid, so you can lock the goodness back in after you crack it open.

Isn’t is it high time we all ditch the baggies? The ClubM store has True Humbold’ts nitro-canned Skywalker Indica Dominat in stock, as well as their Blue Dream Sativa.  Order  yours now — because you can!

How to smoke moonrocks

How to make a moonrock:

  • Take a high-THC strain, like Chernobyl, or Sweet Garden OG.
  • Dip your primo bud in a super-concentrated wax, like Fire OG or Mr. moonrock-closeup-2Nice.
  • Then carefully apply a layer of pure kief, like Sweet Island Skunk or Death Star OG.

The result is a fuzzy nug that’s loaded with high-quality THC (estimates are greater than 50% THC) and pretty much guaranteed to put you into another orbit.

Like rocks from the actual moon, these are rare and precious, and deserve to be handled with care. So the real question is, how do you smoke moonrocks? Pretty much how you would handle any high-quality bud.

Some basic principles:

Do not use a grinder. That would be a waste of the wax or hash oil and you’ll clog up the grinder. Use a sharp knife instead to chop up your moonrock into manageable chunks.

Do use a lighter. You’re going to want a sustained, consistent flame.moonrocks-photo2

Use some glass hardware. A bubbler is preferred.

Handle your moonrocks with care. We’re talking about using a metal tool, as you’re firing up the bowl, and you may need to move he rock around.

The good news: Everything you need is in the MBox Volume XIII Explore. Seriously, inside the latest MBox you’ve got a ready-made moonrock rig — and some otherworldly moonrocks from Dapper Labs.

All you need now is a space suit!