How does ClubM differ from other places where I can get cannabis?

ClubM is unlike any other cannabis buying option. It’s free to join, and once you’re a member, you subscribe and have our monthly MBox delivered. You can skip, pause or cancel your MBox delivery at any time. Members love the MBox because it allows them to experience various cannabis products at their leisure, in the comfort of their own homes.

Only ClubM lets you can touch, smell, taste and experience new cannabis products, when and where you want, and enables you to order more of the product you like, at a significant discount. ClubM is also a fast-growing community with a commitment to supporting the arts.

How do I become a member and order the MBox?

ClubM membership and Mbox delivery is available to California residents with a valid medical cannabis ID card. Simply fill out the membership form and viola…you’re all set!

Can I customize my MBox?

The MBox is a custom-curated assortment of cannabis products, selected by our team of cannabis experts to delight every kind of cannabis consumer. This means that you can’t choose specific items for your MBox, but when you find products you like, it’s easy to buy more of them at  

Who’s behind ClubM?

ClubM was founded by a small team of entrepreneurs with experience in the tech and cannabis industries. ClubM founders are passionate about whole-plant medicine, business innovation, and the arts.   

Where is ClubM headquartered?

ClubM is headquartered in San Diego, and serves customers throughout California.

How do you choose products that go into the MBox?

The cannabis industry is in an era of explosive innovation, with exciting things happening every day in the research, development, and delivery of new products.  With contacts throughout the cannabis industry, ClubM is constantly monitoring the latest developments in cannabis, and bringing the best of the best new products to ClubM members. For each MBox we look for variety, quality and fit with other items in the box. Each month we select the best products we can find, and align them with a theme that speaks to the interests of the ClubM membership.   If you happen to have a high quality, well packaged and tested product that you would like to have considered for placement in a future Mbox  please feel free to contact

How many people subscribe to the MBox?

The MBox was extremely well received upon its introduction in February 2016, and has continued to break records every month since.

Does ClubM plan to expand outside of California?

We realize that there is a growing demand nationwide for cannabis products, and the service that ClubM delivers. We are careful to abide by all relevant legal restrictions, and will address expansion opportunities as the regulatory environment continues to evolve at the local, state and federal levels.

I’m not sure I can afford the MBox, can’t you price it lower?

We designed the MBox to deliver enormous value, and we work every day to fulfill that intent. And at $97 per month, it comes out to about $3.25 per day of the best new cannabis products — and they would cost you at least double that if you were to buy these items separately (plus the time spent driving around, surfing the web, and trying out all the bad products on your way to the good stuff). For sure, the MBox is not for everyone, but if you have an interest in cannabis and an open mind, you like new things, and appreciate value, you won’t find a better bargain — or anything like the MBox.    

Why does shipping cost so much?

We deliver every MBox in the most secure way possible, by professional courier. This does add to the cost, but it’s worth it to make sure that every MBox is hand-delivered in a safe and secure manner. 

Can I buy a past issue of the MBox?

Yes you can! The $97.00 pricing is available for first release only and then you can get the boxes at regular pricing in our store at anytime.