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For cannabis enthusiasts, the integration of our favorite herb into edible form has been a cautious process for two reasons: ingesting too much THC is not a ton of fun; and burnt brownies, gummy bears, cookies, cannabis-infused butter and other sweets are not exactly great cuisine.

Los Angeles-based chef Chris Sayegh is changing all that. Known as The Herbal Chef (THC), he specializes in cooking with cannabis, gourmet-style. He makes food that tastes great, and still takes advantage of everything that cannabis has to offer.

We are pleased to announce that ClubM has partnered with Chris to bring his innovative recipes tothe August 2016 MBox, Vol VII: CRAVE.

This MBox includes ingredients for Chris’ exclusive Spicy Marinara and Black Forest Cupcakes;  a do-it-yourself dinner for two that will be a sensual delight for you and someone whose company you crave. (Of course there are other premium cannabis products in the Crave MBox, including some fantastic pre-rolls.)   

Chris has been garnering attention from food writers all over the world. As reported recently by Fast Company’s Rina Raphael:

For his dinners, Sayegh prefers to use THC extracts rather than asking his patrons to smoke joints. He sees no place at the table for soot, ash, or heat on one’s tongue. In fact, he doesn’t even want you to taste the cannabis. With a joint, he says, “Your palette isn’t clean to taste the food, and to me, it’s all about the integrity of the food. I don’t want it to take away from the flavors of the dish.” The use of weed in his recipes is a full sensory experience. “You’re literally changing people’s brain chemistry as they’re eating,” he says.

Sayegh hosts about six events a month in private homes and event spaces in California, with attendance ranging from 12 to 80, at $300-$500 a ticket. (If it’s a sponsored event, the meal is free.) In the past four months alone, business has grown more than 400%. He sees this growth as a sign of “the culmination of everything”—a perfect storm of the rise of the foodie, the destigmatization and legalization of marijuana use, and the growing cannabis dining market.

As always, this is a limited-edition MBox that will be over-stuffed with almost $200 worth of premium cannabis products.

 An exclusive to ClubM members, the CRAVE MBox is yours now for only $97!