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Frequently Asked question and info about your Mbox Subscription

FAQ How does ClubM differ from other places where I can get cannabis? ClubM is unlike any other cannabis buying option. It’s free to join, and once you’re a member, you subscribe and have our monthly MBox delivered. You can skip, pause or cancel your MBox delivery at any time. Members love the MBox because […]

How To Eat Your Daily Cannabis

How To Eat Your Daily Cannabis As one of the most widely popular delivery methods for medical cannabis, edibles deserve a conversation of their own. They are perfectly discreet, effective for relieving so many common symptoms, and of course, absolutely delicious. Most important to the ingestion of any edible is the dosage. For most people, […]

MBox featured as Editor’s Choice in DOPE Magazine

ClubM and the MBox continue to make news! Abigail Ross, content director for DOPE Magazine, a leading chronicle of the cannabis lifestyle, took a good look at the MBox recently, and liked what she saw — a sturdy keepsake box, stuffed with innovative, top-shelf cannabis products, delivered to the doors of subscribers across California. In fact, she […]

Six questions about The THinCExpo on Oct. 15

  What is The THinC Expo? It’s a social, educational, and culinary experience like none other for the medical marijuana community in San Diego’s North County, and ClubM will be there, Oct. 15, 2016. The event goes from noon to 7 p.m., with dinner served around 4 to 6 p.m. This will be a safe and relaxed […]

How to smoke moonrocks

How to make a moonrock: Take a high-THC strain, like Chernobyl, or Sweet Garden OG. Dip your primo bud in a super-concentrated wax, like Fire OG or Mr. Nice. Then carefully apply a layer of pure kief, like Sweet Island Skunk or Death Star OG. The result is a fuzzy nug that’s loaded with high-quality […]

The CRAVE MBox: A Culinary Cannabis Creation!

For cannabis enthusiasts, the integration of our favorite herb into edible form has been a cautious process for two reasons: ingesting too much THC is not a ton of fun; and burnt brownies, gummy bears, cookies, cannabis-infused butter and other sweets are not exactly great cuisine. Los Angeles-based chef Chris Sayegh is changing all that. […]

Who says we can’t change the world?

First, congrats to you and every ClubM member! The small online community you joined earlier this year is growing day-by-day into a real world community focused on improving access to top-quality cannabis in California. ClubM is already making an impact across the state. Thank you for inviting your friends to join the club and for […]