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Cannagarz: the ultimate in smoking

As a member at ClubM, you appreciate the finer things. When it comes to smoking cannabis, there is no more refined way to approach it than by sparking up one of Cannagarz’ masterfully crafted cannabis cigars. Cigar aficionados like to bring out their cigars at special occasions. Smoking a fine cigar is a timeless and […]

Dabbing 101: A healthier alternative to smoking

You might think dabbing is complicated (or even scary) because it involves a blowtorch. Actually, it’s pretty simple. And it’s actually a healthier alternative to smoking plant material, because dabbing produces a vapor, not smoke. To take a dab, you use a “dab rig,” basically a small bong that has a titanium / quartz / ceramic […]

Make California’s last pre-legal 4/20 extra special

Every April, cannabis enthusiasts look forward to 4/20 as a unique day of celebration. This year is no different, except that the anticipation might be greater than ever, as the California cannabis community inches closer to the implementation of legalized recreational use, thanks to the passage of Prop. 64. Here’s what makes this year’s 4/20 […]

A Perfect Moment: ClubM wins Best of Edibles List Award

We’re intrinsically motivated around here, but it’s still great to see the world sit up and take notice, right? This happened on Feb. 26 when the MBox from ClubM was awarded first place for Best Packaging in the Best of Edibles List Awards 2016, presented by Edibles Magazine. Our focus has always been on delivering […]

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Join us at Emerald Exchange III in Malibu!

Culturally, you could say that Northern and Southern California are worlds apart. The north is home to the high-tech capital of the world, and all of the innovation and wealth that comes with that. The sun-soaked south has Hollywood and the epicenter of beach culture, as well as aerospace and many other huge industries. But […]

Microdosing: when less is more

Less is more. That’s the thinking behind the growing trend toward microdosing cannabis. Wait, what? Why would you want to microdose? Isn’t the whole point to macrodose — to get as much medicine into your body (and head) as you can? Sometimes. Then there are times when you may want to medicate just a little; as […]

This just in: premium sun-grown cannabis — in a can!

You may have noticed that our innovative friends at True Humboldt have started packaging their premium sun-grown cannabis flower in pull-top cans. Cannabis in a can? Yes, it’s a concept who’s time has come, and for the same reasons that coffee companies and tuna fishermen have packaged their products in tin cans for decades: When […]

Vapor vs. smoke: which is better and why

You know intuitively that inhaling smoke isn’t great for your lungs, right? It’s why you cough after a good hit. Your body is not loving the soot and other by-products produced by combustion, including harmful free radicals and carcinogens. These toxic by-products are why inhaling smoke (regardless of what’s being burnt) is the leading cause […]

Frequently Asked question and info about your Mbox Subscription

FAQ How does ClubM differ from other places where I can get cannabis? ClubM is unlike any other cannabis buying option. It’s free to join, and once you’re a member, you subscribe and have our monthly MBox delivered. You can skip, pause or cancel your MBox delivery at any time. Members love the MBox because […]